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Yoni Services

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    (deposits include a one time $3 payment processing fee)


  • It is important that you understand that you CAN NOT steam if pregnant, if you are currently ovulating and have recently had intercourse with the expectations of being pregnant, currently experiencing postpartum active bleeding, on your menstrual, spotting, or if you have an active infection such as yeast, BV, UTI, active hemorrhoids, or an active viral infection (herpes outbreak) as steaming may aggravate these symptoms.

  • PLEASE be truthful when filling out the intake form as a medical diagnosis or treatment may change your ability to steam or length of steam. WE NEED TO KNOW IF YOU HAVE AN IUD!

  • We thank you for choosing Yoni Nurse Magic for your pamper appointment. This appointment is about your ESSENTIAL TIME. Please be respectful to others and mute your cellular device during your steam time. If you book a steam that includes meditation and or prayer YOU WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE if you proceed to take a phone call or are disruptive during that time. PLEASE do not bring kids during your scheduled appointment. Only people booked for scheduled steams or Yoni services are allowed in the Yoni Lounge and Yoni Steam Room during their scheduled time.

  • The Yoni Throne is not a toilet. If you proceed to use the throne as a toilet you will be charged an additional $100 and deemed unable to book services for any follow up steam appointments.

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