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Yoni Bars

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Yoni Bars are cleansing/detoxifying bars. All Bars are made with organic/kosher/certified herb blends and essential oils. Our Yoni Bars contain herbal properties seen to promote a healthy vaginal PH, testimonials provided claim that our bars improves sensitivity, increases moisture, reduces BV and yeast, herpes outbreaks, skin irritations, ingrown hairs, cramps, itching, dryness, and regulates the menstrual cycle.
Use with discretion due to fragrance. Best paired with our Yoni Oils to rejuvenate their detoxifying properties.

If you have skin irritation after using any of the Yoni/body bars DISCONTINUE USE!!

Our Yoni/Gent bars have a mixture of base oils. Some include: jojoba, coconut, olive or shea butter. They also contain mixtures of calming essential oils like tea tree, sandalwood, rose, and pepper essential oils, and herbs including mugwort, rose, calendula, and lavender, made with LOVE & so much more.

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